Anti Money Laundering Policy

As a broker for trading in the Forex market and providing our financial services, IfineFX is Committed to anti-money laundering policies with due diligence. IfineFX is committed to International anti-money laundering laws and regulations and maintains a strong and ambitious Position to prevent illegal money laundering activities. Our strict policies and procedures have been Applied to detect, prevent and report on money-laundering and other suspicious activities.

How does money laundering know?

When criminals try to change the place of their illicit money by turning it into an illegal financial System without any legal attention, it is a waste of money. Once a criminal or terrorist person (s) has transferred their money to legitimate financial systems, They can then transfer it between banks or financial products for use in illegal activities, purchase of Goods and Services or even the financing of terrorism. IfineFX reports any attempt by any individual or company to conceal the source and ownership of the proceeds of illicit activities, including fraud, theft, gambling, drug trafficking and other activities.

Do I need to prove my ID before opening an account to trade Forex?

We strongly focus on verifying the identity of our clients and report that their money is taken from a legal source before opening an account for Forex trading or making a deposit. As part of this policy, you will be required to provide legal documents to verify your name, personal details and location.

IfineFX requests the following documents as proof of identity:

An original copy of your identity card or passport. A copy of a service receipt that records your data and address as stated. In the IfineFX Customer Agreement, you will be asked to clearly mention the beneficiary’s name – and the name of the beneficiary of the account must match the name stated in your client agreement form. Any money you want to withdraw must be the same as the account number and payee name. And thus prevent anyone from thinking of trading with us with illegal funds at all, which indicates the integrity of our dealings.